Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Immediate measures are required to turn away World's Hunger

A commission of UK Government on food safety has identified for immediate action to turn away World hunger.

The insight report on Food and Farming features says that it is the need of time to reestablish the prevailing system otherwise World would not be able to eliminate hunger totally. It is the first report across a sort of restraints considered to have pointed out such reservations on an exact critical scenario.

The report is the climax of a two year research participating more than 400 experts from the different countries of the world. Professor Sir John Bed-Dington, chief scientific adviser said, the report gives strong proofs for government to implement now.
The report brings to light to the change in farming to make sure that enhancing incentive does not come at the price of sustainability and providing incentives to the farming sector that address malnutrition. It also suggests that the wastage of most demanding food items must be minimized.

We think in the next 20 years the total population of the world will be touched to the figure of 8.3 billion people and at that time about 75% people of the world population will be enjoyed urbanization and will have been living in cities.

“We know that the world is getting wealthier and on increasing the overall population, the demand of basic commodities like food, water, energy and other benefits will be automatically raised up. He warned, perhaps to fulfill their needs we must be able to provide 40% more food, 30% more clean drinking water and 50% more energy.

We should not wait for next 20 or 10 years. This is very imperative changes. The study of Professor Beddington commission is the warning of biggest typhoon of an increasing population, weather change and withdrawing resources for food production.

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