Monday, January 24, 2011

Indian I.T. Department's raid on Katrina/Priyanka premises

Today the investigation wing of Indian Income Tax department has made raids on distinguished Bollywood Actors Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra on suspicious of tax avoidance. Around 12 places linking to the two actresses and their close companions were raided.

The department started to search after getting proved information that the two actresses had not paid tax in impartial their exact income. A senior I.T. Officer said the exact non paid tax amount would be identified in the evening after we analyze the documents and the bank record. Also we are not authorized to tell the media.

He said that the department believes that the two actresses had taken part of their payments in cash thereby covering up the real income and they had revolved their payments appearing the same as received from abroad for contributing in shows there. Artists and other categories get immunity of sure percentage for income abroad.

The department had found some cases earlier where some actors had used to their fees to be paid for acting in films here with the payments received for performing in shows abroad. Generally the sure exemption of certain percentage was not on that income received abroad. He said.
The authorities are also reviewing the I.T. returns filed by Priyanka and Katrina in the last few years. Officers said the details in returns would be examined to find if the whole income is given away in the same.
The spokesmen of both the actresses were not available for giving remarks about this raid.

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