Saturday, January 29, 2011

Canada's assurance to arrest and handing over of Mr Trabelsi to Tunisia

Canada has decided to cancel Mr Trabelsi's residency authorization and has wanted to take hold of billionaire's Canadian assets.

Last week Mr Trabelsi along with his family was reached in Montreal on a private jet after quitting the former Tunisian President Mr. Ben Ali from president’s office. The Tunisian embassy in Ottawa has requested the Canadian authorities to capture him and handover to them.
Talking to the Canadian news reporter in Val D'Or, in the province of Quebec, Mr. Cannon said the government would take proper action to discover Mr Trabelsi's assets.
We would not say greeting, Mr. Cannon said, obviously we are going to examine under the current legislation and will adopt fast ways, so that we can meet the Tunisian Government’s demands.
It is considered that Mr. Mr Trabelsi and his family ran away Chateau Vaudreuil Suites Hotel in Montreal and their location remains mysterious. It is not obvious how long Mr Trabelsi had residency status, which allows foreigner citizens to live in their country and can need a long application process.
Former Tunisian president Mr Ben Ali, who was in power from the last 23 years, was enforced from power this month by a numbers of protests against poverty and corruption. The former president ran away with his wife to Saudi Arabia.
Tunisian government has requested to Interpol to arrest Mr. Bel Ali including six family members, which are involved in the theft of property, illegal transfer of foreign currency, besides other allegations.  The international police agency has requested to the member states to trace, put and conditionally arrest Mr. Ali and his family members and relatives.
 In his recent tour to Morocco, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, Canada will not say Welcome to the members of former rulers.


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