Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clinton's disturbance about slow speed rebuilding works in Haiti

Bill Clinton, former US President has said that he is much disturbed due to very slow speed of rebuilding works in Haiti, a year back more than 240,000 people had been victimized by a severe Earthquake.

When he visited a site where Haitian workers were crushing the rubbles of ruined buildings, he said “No one is much perturbed than I am because we could not do more”. But he asked with a hope that the revival would be picked up after much delayed.

Mr. Clinton was talking on his visit to Port-au-Prince as a United Nation’s representative to Haiti.
The Haitian people are celebrating two days of monument to blot the anniversary of the earthquake on 12 January.

Along with the celebrating of anniversary of commemorations, politically the Haiti is still in the grip of ambiguity due to last disputed presidential election in November.

There have been reported a number of misusing and frauds in the polls, according the evaluation report of the “Expert mission from the Organization of American States” former First Lady Mirlande Manigat got first position and the government party candidate Jude Celestin in second.

But government party candidate rejected the results. Consequently on the announcing of the provincial results brutal protests were broken out.

Outgoing President Rene Preval has denied seeing such a report.

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