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Super Happy Baseball Fun Time Hour 2011

Surely some of you have seen some advertisement in your years for a Japanese imported TV show with a title that doesn't quite translate to the U.S. One episode of Seinfeld made particular light of this because a brief clip of Jerry on a Japanese TV show meant he was going to receive countless royalty checks for a whopping 12 cents, which led him to have a serious case of writer's cramp. I title this post this way because, in case you hadn't noticed, the 2011 Major League Baseball season started today and like I do in most years, I probably need to write some sort of preview detailing how I think these things will go. And really, considering the team that I follow and put my irrational faith in, well, I'd rather not talk about how things will go. That's because I'm unlikely to see a baseball season that goes how I want it to unless I start following a team from Japan, where baseball might actually be a super happy fun time this year.

And really, if I wanted to do just that, I do already have the appropriate merchandise for a team to support.

However, while I do follow two sports teams in foreign countries fairly closely, adding a third that is in a country that doesn't speak English is probably too much work. So .... I'm stuck with the Mets. And this year that doesn't look like it's going to be too good a situation. And what would give me that idea beyond the whole "bloated-roster-with-aging-expensive-ineffective-players-coupled-with-a-painfully-thin-farm-system-and-an-ownership-group-that-is-currently-being-sued-for-a-billion-dollars-because-of-its-connection-with-a-ponzi-scheme" thing?

Well, if you read the Sports Illustrated baseball preview this week and its scouting report on New York, it included really positive nuggets like, "Their system is really thin and there's not a lot there. I don't see an impact player coming from within and they have to change the climate. If they're smart, they'll blow the club up and start over," and "God help them." Not making that last one up, either. Fortunately, Terry Collins sent me a letter this morning letting me know that everything's cool, which I can only assume is some sort of misguided April Fool's joke. So basically the Mets are widely expected to be terrible this season, which I suppose isn't surprising, but I can at least take solace in the fact that the Phillies won't be winning the World Series.

And how do I know this?

Well, I could go into detail about how their historically impressive pitching staff is currently just masking an offense that will be nowhere near what it was three years ago when they won the World Series, but really I'm simply relying on the fact that the Phils were the cover subject of this year's Major League Baseball preview issue. And we know how I feel about Sports Illustrated and its supposedly nonsensical cover curse. But also, let's take a look at SI Cover subjects for their baseball previews over the years. If you do your research, you'll see that with the bizarre exception of an impressive three of four stretch that included the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals, 2007 Boston Red Sox and 2009 New York Yankees, Sports Illustrated hasn't featured the eventual champ on its baseball preview cover in my lifetime. Though it did curiously predict the 1998 home run chase. That's a going rate of 3 for 25 right now, an average which is, to say the least, not good enough for Cooperstown.

So, uh, yeah, I'm not worried based on that entirely irrelevant statistic. Some of you may say that the picks I'm about to make are somewhat biased because the season already started today, but, uh, for the 12 teams that did open their season, there's still 99.4% of the season to go. I'm pretty sure it will matter about as much as it would have if I wrote this yesterday.

Let's make some awful predictions.

1. Philadelphia
2. Atlanta
3. Florida
4. NY Mets
5. Washington

The upsetting thing here is that putting the Mets ahead of the Nationals, who are actually building quite well, might be optimistic of me. God, I hope that's not the case, but I couldn't swear to it at this point. Either way, I will maintain hope that New York does something, anything well. In the meantime, I'll just get bitter about seeing the Phillies win another division title despite an aging offensive with several holes now that Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley are older and Jayson Werth has taken his act to D.C.

NL Central
1. Milwaukee
2. Cincinnati
3. Chicago
4. St. Louis
5. Pittsburgh
6. Houston

I've been waiting quite some time for the Brewers to finally break through and take a division title, and with Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder still in the lineup and Zach Greinke now joining the rotation, if it isn't happening this year, it isn't happening any year. Plus, my favorite beer is from Wisconsin and they're generally nice people so sure, let's give 'em this one. I'll put my chips on the Crew this time, why not?

NL West
1. San Francisco
2. Colorado (WC)
3. Los Angeles
4. San Diego
5. Arizona

The smart money says that a lot of people don't really think the Giants have a chance at repeating their unlikely run as World Series champions from last year, but I actually think they've got a decent shot for the obvious reason that their pitching is absurdly stacked -- and for many years at that. Lincecum, Cain and the newcomer Bumgarner will all be a part of the equation for years, and while the Phillies' rotation may boast more names, Philadelphia's pitchers will ply their trade in a park built for offense. AT&T Park in San Francisco is the best pitchers' park in the NL west of Queens.

AL East
1. Boston
2. Tampa Bay (WC)
3. NY Yankees
4. Baltimore
5. Toronto

I have a lot of friends who are Yankees fans. A lot of them will not be pleased that I don't have the Yankees making the playoffs. And that prediction is, I'm sure, probably the most obviously wrong one about this whole thing. But I have a hunch that New York's offensive studs -- Cano, Teixeira, et al -- are going to be offset by the declining offensive skills and defensive black hole that happens to sit on the left side of the infield. But it's cool because he got a totally necessary, rational and reasonably priced contract this winter for a 36-year-old who hit .270 last season. I know, I know. It's payback for all he's given you. Good thing, too since he didn't get paid very well on his last contract. Oh, and their pitching rotation has one bona fide ace and four question marks, one of whom has started all of seven games in the Majors. Oh yeah, and the Rays are totally loaded with cheap young talent. So there's that.

AL Central
1. Minnesota
2. Detroit
3. Chicago
4. Kansas City
5. Cleveland

I don't think your eventual champ is coming from this division, I sort of like the relatively well-rounded make up of the Twins, and I don't like a whole lot else. But as every magazine seems to be noting, the Royals just might be primed for a run at the World Series.... in 2015. Seriously, that team is going to kick some serious ass when I'm 30 with the prospects they've got coming up. And the real amusing thing? They could go to that World Series to face another team that has put a large amount of money in its farm system lately... Pittsburgh. Yeah, a Royals-Pirates World Series. Of course this year that would be, you know, nonsense.

AL West
1. Texas
2. Oakland
3. Anaheim
4. Seattle

A lot of people think the Rangers made the World Series last year for the first time in franchise history because they caught a lot of lucky breaks, which is right about the fact that they, well, caught some lucky breaks. But they were also, you know, really good. And that offense is downright scary. And the rest of the this division isn't. So, lucky or not, why isn't this team an obvious choice to repeat exactly? I guess we'll find out in October when I look back and see that I'm wrong on this.

Ok, so now we've basically got something like this, right?

(4) Colorado over (1) Philadelphia
(2) San Francisco over (3) Milwaukee

(1) Boston over (3) Minnesota
(4) Tampa Bay over (2) Texas

(2) San Francisco over (4) Colorado

(1) Boston over (4) Tampa Bay

2011 World Series
(1) Boston over (2) San Francisco

So yeah. The Red Sox are going to win the World Series for the third time in eight seasons. That's my prediction, and it's highly uninspired and boring -- and it seems like something that would be completely unbelievable if I were still in my childhood -- but, well, it's probably right. Unless the Mets pull a 1969, but I don't see that coming. And neither do the experts.

Barring a miracle, I'm looking at next year. But hey, maybe it'll shock me. I guess I'll find out at 7 p.m. tonight.

2012 Honda Civic Personal Preferences

Jim Jones & His Goons Go After Somaya Reece's Manager...Things Get Ugly! VH1 "Love & Hip-Hop" Super Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

On VH1's new Reality Show "Love & Hip-Hop," Somaya Reece's manager, Maurice, mouthed off about rapper Jim Jones and his girl friend, Crissy... So Jim Jones and his goonies came to see Maurice....check it out!!

7 Minute Super Sneak Peek:


Fabolous Kicks Baby Mother/ New VH1 "Love & Hip-Hop" Star, Emily B, To The Curb!

2012 Honda Civic in depth videos

Chinese white paper key points US military 'struggle'

The Unites States is mounting its military attendance in the Asia-Pacific territory, which is becoming more "unstable". China says.
It has also been said a go up in actions intended against China. The analyses were made by the Chinese government under National Defense white paper.
The paper sketches the Chinese present analyses on security problems and gives a summery of its military forces. Through this document, China gives a lackluster evaluation of the regional security condition.
"Deep modifications are taking form in the Asia-Pacific tactical site. Related key powers are enhancing their strategic outlay," it says.
"Worldwide military antagonism remains severe." The document singles out the United States. As per China, it is strengthening military groupings and obtaining more concerned in local interests. It also says outsiders are now more doubtful for China and have risen intrusion and contradicting shifts" against it.
Relations between China and the US especially on military issues have been tensed over recent years. However earlier this year the tension reduced by the Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to the United States. But the possibility of differences remains higher.
In a press conference launching the white paper, Colonel Geng Yansheng, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, said we accept that our military ties carry on to face troubles and challenges.
No matter warns the relationship more that US help for Taiwan, an autonomous island off China's eastern coast that Beijing thinks its own. The white paper says the US carries on to sell equipments to Taiwan, harshly hampering Sino-US relations.
Col Geng categorically said that both the countries must honor each other's key interests. For China, that includes Taiwan. He said, China wants to maintain relationship based on respect, trust, equality and advantages.
The United States and one of China's neighbors usually state their worries about the final object of Chinese military transformation. But the white paper repeats that any one has anything to worry. It says China's armed forced, recognized as the People's Liberation Army, are there only to protect the country. It says, has a policy of "attacking only after being assaulted".

International bizarre – Dig up disruptive at Worldwide Pillow Fight Day

On Saturday, 2 April, feathers will take wing, as citizens from Worldwide begin down-filled arms to have a fun International Pillow Fight Day.

With occasions arranged from Caracas to Cincinnati, these flash-mob technique fights have been taken place international since 2008, with at least 100 cities uniting in the fun this year.

The cheerful pillow fights, which the website says were opened by the decentralized "city playground group", subject to convert cities into "urban living rooms" where public places can be domesticated for social and unprompted use.

The “New York City was the World's biggest event on last year in which more than 5,000 participants were included and the Facebook pages of other classifying cities presently show a large numbers of attendees. While the purpose of the fight is constantly from city to city, some cities adjoin their own flair, whether by asking attendees to wear pyjamas (like London) or hurry in at the elected time blaring "PILLOW FIGHT! - In Vancouver.

To carry on any of the events from obtaining out of hand, various organizers lay down a few fields rules on their affairs page, like: "Don't target the people with cameras or people without pillows" and "Swing lightly" few of the biggest events ask fighters to take non-feather pillows to ease the chaos .

The fighting begins when an indicator like an air horn or screech blows, and can last anywhere from some time to a few hours. Once each person is worn-out, organizers like Newmindspace in New York bring together pillows to contribute to no-kill animal protections and remind attendees to crackdown any kind of chaos. If you want to attend Pillow fighting action, please check with to locate your city up to host your own.


Brazil-Bolivia’s joint efforts for anti drug-war

Brazil has signed a contract with Bolivia to handle cocaine production and trafficking in the country.
The agreement intends to restore the invalid when Bolivia disqualified the US Drug Enforcement Administration in 2008 for suspected political intrusion.
Brazil will provide assistance to train and equip Bolivian security forces as well as deploying drone jets to monitor the border. Bolivia is the world's third biggest producer of cocaine, and near about half its production has been sent to Brazil. The action plan signed between the two countries by Jose Eduardo Cardozo, Brazilian Justice Minister at the time of visiting to Bolivia.
Mr. Cardozo said, drug trafficking has become a global crime that could only be tackled by worldwide combined efforts, engaging countries both internal and external of the territories.
Mr. Cardozo also visited in a remote area in central Bolivia to watch security forces attempts to destroy grounds of coca, with the raw material of cocaine.
Brazil is a main buyer of cocaine, and drug trafficking mobs are a severe security challenge in various Brazilian cities.
The officials from the two countries said they might to expand the contract to include Peru - after Colombia the world's second largest cocaine provider which also has a longest land border with Brazil. The contract appears weeks after US and UN reports said Bolivia was not taken interest to wipe out cocaine production and trafficking. However Bolivian President Evo Morales refused those claims, condemning the US of factitious attempting to associate his government with drug trafficking.
Since February 2011, criticism on Bolivia's against anti-drug futile efforts has been growing, when Gen Rene Sanabria, former commander of the national anti-narcotics police, was captured in Panama under the blames of drug trafficking.
Mr. Morales is himself a former coca producer, and protects the utilization of the leaf for remedial and ritual purposes while saying his government is taking all steps to stop cocaine production.

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Jennifer Lopez f/ Lil' Wayne "I'm Into You" (#MP3 DOWNLOAD)

J-Lo said Weezy is now one of her fav rappers and I guess when J-Lo speaks she makes sh*t happen. Check her out her new joint with Lil' Wayne "I'm Into You" below:

Rihanna Behind The Scenes: Rolling Stone Cover (VIDEO)

Not sure what's more famous here, RiRi or her shorts on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone Magazine. Check out the cover and the behind the scenes of the shoot below:


Diddy Dirty Money f/ Rick Ross & Trey Songz "Your Love" (MUSIC VIDEO)


Khloe Kardashian Covers Cosmo Middle East + Previews New Reality Show w/ Lamar (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian can officially add another major first to her name, in addition to being Kris Jenner’s first married child...

Khloe is the first cover girl for the brand new Cosmopolitan Middle East.

Yes, the same Cosmo that runs pieces like “A Girl’s Guide to Oral Sex” and the “How to Score the Big O Everytime” has a Middle Eastern edition. We’re pretty sure their Middle Eastern readers won’t be getting the type of advice Cosmo doles out here in the U.S. or the freaky sh*t they probably cover in their French and British editions.

Khloe and her hubby Lamar are also getting ready for their Reality Show on E!

Sharing space under the Odom roof is Khloé’s brother, Rob, who is embarking on his own career in the music industry now that he is no longer living with mom Kris and step-dad Bruce Jenner.

The show will also follow Lamar both in Los Angeles and as he hits the road to fulfill his professional duties as a member of the world-famous L.A. Lakers.

Born and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, New York, Odom's background is a world apart from the privileged upbringing Khloé enjoyed in Los Angeles. With all the drama and laughter that is certain to be a part of this new series, could Lamar's expressed desire to "start having children right away" come into play? If so, viewers will likely be the first to find out.

The eight-episode series will be premiering Sunday, April 10 at 9pm Eastern.

Check out a preview below:


Diddy & Singer Cassie Hugged Up In Miami (PHOTOS)

We have been hearing about these two on and off and it seems they are still ON.... Check out Diddy and Cassie coupled up in Miami at Diddy’s Star Island mansion...

Where's Kim Porter though? O.o

Chris Brown Laughs At The Haters - Album Lands #1 In Country!

Approximately 270,000 copies later Chris Brown LONG road to redemption struck a mighty blow to haters and angry mothers everywhere.

Following a long week of breaking windows and bad press.... after Chris' performances on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday, he is now celebrating his first chart-topping album.

Thanking fans late Tuesday, Brown says it’s all about the music.

“I wanna thank all of my fans for making my album (“F.A.M.E.”) number 1 in the country!! I love you! We did it,”
Brown told fans Tuesday.
“I live for my music!! I survive for my fans”.

Brown’s album, “F.A.M.E.” reportedly sold 273,000 copies to claim the summit Wednesday, nearly eclipsing his best selling debut with “Exclusive” in 2007. That album, featuring hits like “Wall To Wall,” sold 294,000 copies first week.

We have said it before but at this point is it safe to say that Chris is officially “back”??

Honda's Next Sportscar?

Stumbled across this in a recent S2000 fan site forum, interesting, they say that they found it in Road & Track; "According to R&T, this will be a 3.5 liter V6 based on the JDM Accord. The speculation is that the car will have 200 - 250 bhp and will sell in the $25,000 to $30,000 range. They say the car will hit dealers next year!" hmmm, wouldn't be too excited about seeing this car next year.... Source;

VW, Honda and Hyundai could enter F1 in 2013

Jean-Francois Caubet, CEO of Renault Sport F1, says more manufacturers could appear when turbo engines are reintroduced Chief Executive Officer of Renault Sport F1 has revealed that a further three car manufacturers could enter Formula One in 2013 when engine rules changes come into effect. Jean-Francois Caubet revealed that Volkswagen, Honda and Hyndai could start competing for motorsport’s biggest prize in the not so distant future. F1 ENGINES Caubet revealed that "Volkswagen, Honda, and Hyundai" would be interested in joining the sport once 1.6 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engines replace the current 2.4 litre V8s. The move, initiated by President and CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration Bernie Ecclestone, is aimed at increasing fuel efficiency by up to 50 percent while keep total power output at around 750bhp. Increasingly it seems, several car manufacturers have expressed renewed interest in the sport after a new generation of fuel restricted 'green' engines will make their debut in 2013. Currently, Renault Sport F1 supplies engines to Renault, Team Lotus, and Red Bull - who won the inaugural race of the 2011 Formula One season at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia, under the expert guidance of its RB7 car by reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel. Source;

HondaJet Flies at 489 MPH

It's been not such a long while since Japanese manufacturer Honda presented its newest attempt the take over the corporate skies above, and the Japanese announced today that they have already completed the speed tests of Honda's newest creation. After being cleared for flight for the first time by the FAA last December, the model was put through all its paces this week, the most important of which being the speed. According to the data supplied by Honda, the jet managed to top at a speed of 489 mph, with the number being achieved at 30,000 ft above sea level. "We are extremely pleased with the strong performance of the FAA-conforming HondaJet early in the flight test program," said Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft CEO. "Our flight tests indicate the aircraft is handling and performing as expected, with excellent control harmony and stability.” The exact details of the soon to be new jet in the sky are still kept under wraps but, as it usually happens in this segment of the aviation industry, is not necessarily the power that counts the most, but comfort. And by the looks of it, Honda cut no corners there. “The HondaJet's unique over-the-wing engine mount configuration and natural laminar-flow leading edge and fuselage nose designs significantly reduce drag and greatly contribute to such outstanding performance. In addition, the HondaJet's HF120 engines are exhibiting carefree handling of thrust and are supporting top-level performance and efficiency," added Fujino. The model will enter the market in 2012. Until then, Honda is increasing the efforts to bring the Greensboro production facility in shape to accommodate the new model. Source;

Honda to cut output at U.S., Canadian auto plants

DETROIT (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co (7267.T: Quote) will cut production at its U.S. and Canadian automotive plants starting Wednesday due to disruptions in the supply of auto parts after the Japanese earthquake more than two weeks ago. The temporary changes to the production schedule will vary plant by plant based on the availability of certain parts, Honda spokesman Jeffrey Smith said. He declined to detail the changes in production at individual plants. The automaker operates plants in Canada and three states in the United States. Honda relies on North American suppliers for more than 80 percent of the parts it uses to build vehicles in North America. Honda has suspended production at its two plants in Japan until at least April 3. Smith said most of the company's Japan-based parts suppliers have resumed production or are ready to start. "This is a very fluid situation," Smith said. He added: "We are working with a few suppliers who have yet to resume production to reestablish operations and at the same time, we are evaluating additional sources for some parts." The March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in northern Japan have left the global auto industry struggling to manage a ripple effect across its production and supply base. Earlier Tuesday, Toyota Motor Corp (TM.N: Quote)(7203.T: Quote) told its dealers to curtail orders of certain replacement parts to ensure an adequate supply. Source;

Malaysian 1st making gay film’s disputed success

The first movie under gay subject has shown unexpected good results at box offices in traditional Muslim country.

Opening less than one week back Dalam Botol (In a Bottle), about a post-op transsexual which comes to know that she may have been wealthier as a man has already made at least one ringgit (£206,000) at Malaysian cinemas simply recovering its production and marketing expenses of 970,000 ringgit. Previously the film writer and producer Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman had to put forward all details to the country’s stern censorship board, which yet gave its approval following different alterations. It has not been allowed to the Malaysian film industry to show gay’s favored films, the person who will try to do so will be gone to jail for at least 20 years and the trial are rare.

Dalam Botol bids a non-explicit idea of gay love, attributing heterosexual actors who embrace but don’t kiss. However Sulaiman told the news reporters that she thought the box office results, that show Malaysian viewer can accommodate such types movies, those are much open and not so traditional much more." She added, it is encouraging sign of our people and try to make more films with significant and associated to the reality of people’s lives.

In Dalam Botol, a Muslim man suffered with a sex-alter operation because he considers it will gratify for his boyfriend. Finally, both of them end up unhappy. Box office shows to have been greatly ambitious by debate over the film, which has been at the midst of assumptions that it might be prohibited. The producer, Azmi, founded the film on the experiences of a friend who had sex-change surgery in Thailand.    

The film is not essentially admired with Malaysia's gay people. Pang Khee Teik, co-founder of the Malaysian sexual rights consciousness group Sexuality freedom, said "Most of us Malaysian gays, lesbians and transgender have extremely no apologetic being that we are.
Azmi said her next film would most probably aspects both gay and direct relationships. She plans a "fancy drama" about a young man who desires older partners but whose closest friend is a fish in a bowl that abruptly alters into a man.

An inquiry about bogus bomb by UPS flight from UK to Turkey

An inquiry has been set up into how a false bomb was put on a cargo plane and taken off from the UK to Turkey without being identification.
The UPS flight left to Istanbul with the pack up allegedly holding a timer, wires and a detonator. The transport department of UK said it was taking to the issue with critically.
A 26-year-old man held on doubt of making a bomb trick was arrested on 23 March but later bailed to go back to a north London police station in May. The police worried the incident was not associated with terrorism.  
According to ITV News, a Turkish person had distributed the parcel, camouflaged as a wedding cake box, to a UPS office in Camden, north London, since a fortnight, according to ITV News.
A spokesman of transport department said, we have already started an inquiry which will examine in details about this incident, including UPS's process.
"The UK has one of the stricken security territories for air cargo in the world. All security methods are basis to constant evaluation.
A UPS spokeswoman said: "about fifteen days before, a doubtful packet put up within the UPS set up aboard an all-cargo airline from the UK to Istanbul, Turkey.
"UPS is assisting with the UK Department for Transport's inquiry of the incident. UPS has a different cover up to approach to make sure security." Facts of which UK airport the flight took off from have not been freed at this time.
Previous October a bomb masked as an ink cartridge was found on a UPS cargo plane at East Midlands Airport.
It had been instanced to blow up over the eastern seaboard of the US, police later said. The bomb, and another found in Dubai, controlled more than 300g of the volatile PETN. It is understood that one sided investigation is that the incident was associated to a family row.

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Chris Brown Performs On "Dancing W/ The Stars" (FULL VIDEO)

After a week of madness following his "meltdown" on Good Morning America, ABC finally got all their money's worth from C. Breezy as he did a phenomenal job for his "Dancing w/ The Stars" performance!

We are pretty sure he lip synced the whole thing but that kid can dance his a$$ off.

Check him out below, and DWTS fans, we included the the results for you as well!




Chris Brown & Rihanna Reunion Interview??

Chris Brown Goes "Ballistic" & Breaks Window During Interview When Asked About Rihanna! (VIDEO)

Charlie Sheen Unable To Sell Show Tickets

Charlie Sheen may be still "winning" by already receiving his money for selling out his tour, but the ticket brokers that snatched up seats to re-sell are on the losing end of the deal!

According to our sources, Sheen's relatively quiet week in the press has left him out of the public spotlight and companies like StubHub racing to unload open seats. As of Monday, there were 2800 seats available for his New York shows.

A broker told the newspaper,
"I'm worried. I need him to do something else stupid so I can unload all these tickets. We bought them on a whim, and I guarantee we're going to take a loss."
He purchased 85 tickets to Sheen's shows - and has sold less than 10.
"If he isn't filled up with drugs, he won't be funny. People who buy tickets now, they're going to see a car crash."
An amateur broker purchased over $1500 in tickets to shows in big cities like Boston and Chicago has so far sold one ticket - for under face value.

Lady Gaga Gets Bloody W/ Alice Cooper, "I Just Died & Went To hell" (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga got a nice surprise backstage at her recent concert in Phoenix, Ariz. - she met her idol, original shock-rocker Alice Cooper and Tweeted a picture from their meeting yesterday - her birthday.

"I just died and went to Hell,"
she Tweeted - along with the picture of herself covered in fake blood and her idol's hand around her neck.

While Gaga is a huge fan of Cooper, the macabre rocker also finds himself a fan of hers.

"She's a cross between Madonna, Mae West and Liberace... She's a spectacle."

"She's great because she gets it, but she can back it up. She can sing, she can write, she can play piano, she's not just a costume queen,"
he says.

"You can be as outrageous as you wanna be, as long as you can back it up with the music. She said, 'if you're gonna do it, go as far out on a limb as you can, like Alice Cooper did.' She's totally outrageous. Lady Gaga's already in the history of rock 'n' roll.

"I see bands and I go, 'What, he went down to Gap and bought a pair of corduroys and a shirt?' What fun is that? Nobody will remember 90% of the rock bands, but they'll remember Gaga,"
he adds.

After meeting her hero, Lady Gaga asked Cooper if she could make a cameo appearance in one of his famous stage shows - which often include morbid scenery including many death devices, such as a gallows or guillotine and lots of fake blood.

Sources say that it could happen as soon as this May, when both artists' tours will be in Brazil at the same time.

And speaking of the history of rock 'n' roll, Cooper, 63, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this month.

Paris Hilton & Lil' Wayne Talk Prison Time, Doing A Song Together & More In Exclusive Interview

Who better to interview Weezy than Paris Hilton? Ok Ok there are a few other candidates but we got to say, Paris' Weezy interview is definitely a good way.

Paris Hilton interviewed Lil' Wayne for the April issue of Interview magazine, and the match provided some pretty amazing quotes.

The hip hop star talked about what it feels like to be called the "new king of hip-hop", discovering Drake, and the most bizarre thing he has read about himself.

The two compare their time in solitary confinement and the possibility of a collaboration on Paris' next album.

Below are some of the interview's best quotes:

HILTON: And now you’re being called the new king of hip-hop. What do you think of that? Is it something that’s hard to live up to? Or is it exciting to have people say that?

WAYNE: It’s very exciting. I love pressure, so I guess if that brings forth pressure, then I’m up for it. But, you know, titles are titles, and names are names. As long as people remember me forever, that will be enough for me.
HILTON: What’s the most bizarre thing that you’ve ever read about yourself?

WAYNE: The most bizarre thing I’ve ever read about myself is that I was dead. That was kind of weird to read that I’m dead— mostly because I was reading it. [both laugh]

HILTON: I read that about myself once, too. It’s pretty bizarre.

Lil' Wayne on his experience with the paparazzi in Miami:

"The only time I ever really witnessed some crazy paparazzi was during my court experiences. Every time I rode up to court, as soon as I jumped out of the truck, they were there to snap, and all in our way to where we couldn’t walk. It’s nowhere near like that around here. But maybe I’m just not that caliber of person that they want to take pictures of me like that."

Lil' Wayne on discovering Drake and the one thing he has taught him from his own experiences:

"When I first heard Drake, I already knew that he had potential beyond my imagination, because the kid was singing and rapping—and he was rapping real well…So that’s when I already knew that he was gonna blow up, right there. He would’ve done it—with me or not—I just wanted to make sure it was with me. And the main thing I’ve told him, or taught him, for lack of better words, is just to stay humble and remember who you are throughout it all, because there’s gonna be moments in every single day when you’ll have to go back to that person and reflect on that person. You have to self-reflect. If you forget who you actually are, then what’s the use of even looking in the mirror."
Lil' Wayne on his lyrics:

"I don’t hold nothing back. I do exactly what I want to do, and say exactly what I want to say. Sometimes I consider the fact that I have a daughter, but I also think about the realities of the world…I mean, once I get through that hump, then, like I said, I just say what’s on my mind."

Lil' Wayne on why his music is the way it is:

"Music is a reflection of who you are, and if those things that you mentioned are what your music is all about, then I guess that’s who you are…I speak about what I speak about, and I guess that’s because I’m a crazy- ass nigga…You have Jay-Z, and he speaks about more corporate things, and I’m quite sure he’s a pretty corporate guy."

Lil' Wayne and Paris Hilton on solitary confinement:

WAYNE: For me it was okay, because it just meant that I was alone with my thoughts.

HILTON: I had to do 24 nights in solitary. [Hilton was held in a separate cell as a safety precaution.]
WAYNE: Oh, so you know how it is.

HILTON: Yeah, I know how it is.

HILTON: How happy are you to have your freedom now?
WAYNE: Words cannot explain.

HILTON: Yeah, I know how you feel. [laughs] It’s the best feeling in the world when you come out.

Lil' Wayne on if he is satisfied with his career:

"I’m nowhere near satisfied and I’m always hungry for more. I’m a very creative person, and the best part about creation is creating. So I always love to come up with new things, new ideas, new thoughts."

HILTON: Do you believe in horoscopes?

WAYNE: I’ve read horoscopes before and what they say about Libras. But I would actually love to not be what somebody writes down—I don’t want to be described.

HILTON: Do you have any pets?
WAYNE: I like animals, but I only have a few pets. I have a bunch of fish, and I have two sharks. Those are my dudes.

HILTON: Wow. Sharks? Nice. How big are the sharks?
WAYNE: One is a little baby, so he’s about a foot or two, or something like that. Then the other one is a good two, two and a half feet, or almost three feet. EHRLICH: So do you have a huge pool for them? Or do they stay in a tank?
WAYNE: They live in a crib…It’s like a little pond under the stairwell in my house. So they swim under there.
HILTON: That’s dope.

Paris on what goals she wishes to accomplish by the end of the year:

"I’d really love to finish my album, because I’ve been working on it for so long…I’d also love to just continue doing my businesses, and be more confrontational with people…"

Lil' Wayne on what goals he wishes to accomplish by the end of the year:

"I want to bank a cool $50 million at least. At the end of this year, I want to be able to say that I banked $50 million. Not generated $50 million, but actually banked $50 million."

WAYNE: I wanna ask you something, Paris. When are you dropping your album?

HILTON: When am I dropping the album?

WAYNE: Yeah. Do you know?
HILTON: Hopefully soon. I’ve been working on it for so long—since my last album [Paris, 2006, Warner Bros.]. So I want to release it by this summer, because I have a lot of summer bangers. I want to just have it out, because that’s when people love to party.

WAYNE: That’s cool.

HILTON: If I had you on a song too, that would be hot.

WAYNE: That was gonna be my next question. I was gonna ask you, how are you gonna release an album and don’t get me on it?

HILTON: Well, if you would be on the album, then I would be honored. That would be the sickest thing. We should get each other’s phone numbers so we can call each other after the interview or text or something.

WAYNE: Cool. Sounds good.

HILTON: My number is 310-XXX-XXXX.

WAYNE: Okay. I’ll text you my number.
HILTON: …I have a recording studio that I built in my house—and a nightclub too.

You have a nightclub in your house?
HILTON: I built one, yeah, because I don’t really like to go out as much as I used to, so I just built a club at my house with the studio attached to it.

WAYNE: You’re so fuckin’ rich.

Do you have a disco ball in there?

HILTON: No, it’s really elegant. Although it has a stripper pole, so maybe it’s not that elegant.

If you want more, the April issue of "Interview" Magazine hit newsstands nationwide on April 5.

NEW MUSIC: Miguel "Right Now" (#MP3 Download)

Here's a new one from singer, Miguel. This one's called "Right Now", check it out below...

Click here for more on Miguel.

New Movie: "Video Girl" Starring Meagan Good (Trailer)

Meagan Good is Laurie Walker,
"the hottest, highest paid chick in the game"
in the new movie "Video Girl," set to release soon. Looks like it will be showing the struggles of a female trying to make it has a video "actress" in the music industry.

Meagan said this about the movie,

“I just produced a film that should be out by the end of the year called Video Girl. It’s very much like Gia––the HBO film Angelina Jolie did for HBO. It’s not the Karrine Steffans story. It’s about a very unassuming girl from a small town who used to be a professional dancer until she gets a knee injury. So she’s in a place where she’s trying to figure out what she wants to do professionally. She gets hooked into the video-modeling world, develops a drug habit and really gets caught up in the limelight."

Take a look at the trailer below:

Yeh or neh??

US Army regrets over new Afghanistan violence

The US Army has showed great regret over the killings of Afghanistan’s civilian people after the photos were published in a magazine.

The US army said in a statement the pictures in Rolling Stone magazine were upsetting and dissimilar to its ethics.

The same images were published in German paper Der Spiegel last week. The murder actually took place in the beginning of last year. The US army is in the process of making court martial against the involved persons, one of was locked up last week.

Eric Bates, the chief editor of Rolling Stone said that we have got around 150 pictures totally and we have published only 17 photos on its website. Furthermore we have posted two videos purportedly showing US attacks on Afghan civilian people. Bur Mr. Bates could not tell how the magazine acquired the photographs.

Reacting to their magazine, the US Army said it would "insistently" follow the fact, no matter how hard or longer to the inquiry.

"Liability remains the Army's supreme apprehension in these suspected faults, and we carry on investigating go ahead." The images are suspected to have been taken by a "rascal" US Army unit in Afghanistan in 2010. They highlight US troops smiling over the dead bodies of Afghan civilians they had purportedly died.
Specialist Jeremy Morlock was punished last week to 24 years in lock up for his part in the killing of defenseless Afghan civilians.

In an appeal deal he is likely to give evidence against four companions also to be tested over the killings last year in Kandahar province.

Morlock told an army judge during his test."The strategy was to execute people,"

The UN report says Cities snub climate change at their risk

The United Nation has informed that the municipal parts are put to become the combat zone in the worldwide attempts to control the climate change.
The review by UN-Habitat said that the world's cities were responsible for about 70% of discharges, so far only engaged 2% of the planet's ground cover. The study also said that an efficient urban setting up could give us biggest advantages, while the cities were energy exhausted. The authors warned if the steps were taken then it could be happened a severe clash amongst climate change and urbanization.
The worldwide report on Human settlements 2011, cities and Climate change: Policy directions said its aim was to boost up awareness of how cities deliver to climate change and what implementation methods are existed. The Executive director of UN-Habitat, Joan Clos, said the worldwide urbanization tendency was disturbing as much as seeming to restrain discharges were afraid.
"We are watching how urbanization is increasing - we have approved the doorstep of 50% (of the world's residence living in urban areas, he told. "There are no indications that we are going to reduce this path of development, and we think that with urbanization, energy spending is higher. According to UN data, by 2030 about 59% of the World’s population will be residing in municipal areas.
Each year thousands of people who live in cities and town expands by 67 million every year – 91% of this data is being added to urban populations in rising countries. The key cause why municipal areas were energy exhausted the UN report says, it was a consequence of mounting transport use, heating and cooling homes and offices, as well as economic activity to create income. The report further says that cities also contributions to climate change towns and cities around the world were also helpless to the possible results, such as:
Boost in the regularity of warm spells/heat effect over most land areas
Huge number of serious downpours
Increasing various areas exaggerated by drought
Rise in the frequency of tremendously high sea levels in few areas of the world
The authors also said that as well as the physical risks posed by future climate change, some urban areas would face difficulties providing basic services.
 They wrote "These variations will damage water supply, physical infrastructure, transport, network goods and services, energy stipulation and industrial making, "Confined economies will be troublesome and residents will be exposed of their resources and income."
In the recent analyses it was pointed out to the different parts where urban areas were on danger from climate-related troubles, like droughts, landslides, cyclones and flooding including the areas of sub-Saharan Africa, South and South East Asia, southern Europe, the east coast of South America and the west coast of the US.
Dr Clos told climate change has become a severe problem for the whole world and individual towns and cities could play a main role in the worldwide efforts to stop discharges. The atmosphere is a unanimous interest and every discharge is an adding up to the trouble. Utilization is continued at an individual level energy spending is also an individual pick. If the national government don’t realize to the condition then it becomes the responsibility of the local government and communities for playing a crucial role. The report advised to the local urban planners to design a framework for future development that evaluated climate changes effects on the local area. It is essential to add mitigation methods – decrease energy demand and discharges as well as adaptation strategies like advancing flood defenses.  
On account of obtaining the most efficient plan, it was needed for urban planners to trace for the views of the local community, including businesses and residents.
The UN-Habitat authors said the international and national guidelines also had a role to play in helping urban areas. These helps could be in the form of financial support, decreasing officials and improving consciousness and facts of climate change and it’s certain effects.
Dr. Clos was beginning the report on Monday evening at an event in central London, hosted by the London School of Economics.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beyonce Kicks Dad Manager, Mathew Knowles, To The Curb!

Beyonce will no longer be managed by her father, Mathew Knowles, her publicist said Monday.

The Grammy-winning singer and her father have parted ways "on a business level,"

"I am grateful for everything he has taught me,"
Beyonce said in the statement.
"I grew up watching both he and my mother manage and own their own businesses. They were hardworking entrepreneurs and I will continue to follow in their footsteps."

She didn't say what led to the split, but her father said in a separate statement late Monday that the decision was mutual.

Knowles has managed his daughter since she debuted as a teen in the multiplatinum-selling group Destiny's Child in the late 1990s and throughout her superstar career as a solo artist.

Knowles oversaw all aspects of Beyonce, from music to movies to fashion and more. Her career includes 16 Grammy awards, top-grossing movies "Dreamgirls" and "Obsessed," fashion ventures and lucrative endorsements.

The 29-year-old has released three multiplatinum albums — "Dangerously In Love," ''B'Day" and "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" — and has 12 Top 10 hits on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, including five No. 1s. Destiny's Child had 11 Top 10 hits on the Hot 100 chart and six No. 1s.

During Beyonce's teen years in Houston, Knowles prepped her, her friend Kelly Rowland and two others for a rising career as an R&B girl group, and Destiny's Child released its self-titled debut in 1998. Their sophomore album, "The Writing's On the Wall," came a year later and garnered multiple hits and two Grammys, but the success also shook up the band and Destiny's Child became a trio with Beyonce, Rowland and Michelle Williams.

The three also released solo albums, all managed by Knowles. He launched his own label, World Music Entertainment, via Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music.

Rowland parted with Knowles as her manager in 2009 and Williams followed a year later.
In the statement, Beyonce stressed her devotion to her father on a personal level.

"He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly. I am grateful for everything he has taught me,"
Beyonce said.
Knowles also got personal in his statement.

"Business is business and family is family. I love my daughter and am very proud of who she is and all that she has achieved. I look forward to her continued great success,"
he said.

Knowles and Beyonce's mother, Tina, divorced in 2009 after 29 years of marriage. Tina Knowles worked as a stylist for Destiny's Child and continues to style her daughter. Together they launched a clothing line, House of Dereon.

Noel-Schure, Beyonce's publicist, didn't comment on who Beyonce's new manager would be.

Knowles said his plans include focusing on his label's work in gospel and inspirational music, where he said the company has made a "tremendous investment."